Where is GTA 6 Set? New GTA Map Revealed

where is gta 6 set

Grand Theft Auto 6 has finally been revealed by Rockstar Games, and we have received our first detailed look at the map. In the trailer that was released by Rockstar, we saw a showcase of sorts, with much of the GTA 6 map being shown, revealing swamps, forests, white beaches, islands, and a dense, urban sprawl, dripping with neon. That’s all well and good, but where is GTA 6 set, and is it somewhere we’ve been before?

Let’s learn about the new GTA 6 map.

The GTA 6 Map Is Massive

We now know that GTA 6 is set in Leonida, a fictional state that’s reminiscent of Florida. Like GTA 5’s San Andreas, there’s a city at the heart of the map, which back then was Los Santos. This time around, the beating centre of the map is Vice City, which players will remember from 2002’s game of the same name. It’s a modern-day rendition, though – but it retains much of that ‘1980s vibe’.

In the GTA 6 trailer, we got a relatively full look at the new map for the game, which is scheduled to be released in 2025. We saw airboats skimming through dangerous swamps, planes soaring over glistening blue oceans and white, sandy beaches, and thick traffic sitting bumper to bumper amidst skyscrapers and neon-toting nightclubs.

It certainly looks like a diverse map, and it’s going to be bursting at the seams with opportunities to explore it for hundreds of hours.

If you came here wondering where is GTA 6 set, we hope that answers your question!