Paradox Interactive Raising Prices In January 2024

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Paradox Interactive has announced on the official forum that some regional prices will increase on January 16th, 2024.

This will specifically affect both active and legacy titles, as well as DLC. Paradox Interactive is best known for the Stellaris and Cities: Skylines series.

Paradox Interactive strategically uses the phrases “as every year” and “annual” to soften the blow for global fans.

However consistent, this will probably still disappoint players, even though open communication is always appreciated.

The greatest price hike for active games will affect the following currencies: THB, RUB, MYR, UAH, and ZAR. The team considered some other pricing changes moderate or lower, and those will affect many more regions.

Notably, Paradox Interactive also mentions that some currencies will see no pricing changes at all for active games. Some examples include USD, EUR, and GBP.

But this may not necessarily apply to Paradox Interactive’s legacy titles. Paradox Interactive plans to “adjust their prices significantly in many currencies”. They explain that these titles “didn’t see a price adjustment in the past few years”.

Today’s post on regional price adjustments only lists a couple of affected regions for legacy games. One of the official announcements is that BATTLETECH will see a 150% increase for the Indian Rupee.

This steep hike would explain why Paradox Interactive was relatively vague about legacy increases.

Cities: Skylines 2 and the recent Stellaris DLCs have received mixed reviews. Stellaris Nexus, which just delayed its Early Access launch to avoid the monumental GTA 6 trailer, has also divided fans. It doesn’t adhere to previous gameplay styles.

So, annual or not, the timing of this announcement will probably frustrate the fanbase. But the Head of Sales does seem open to questions on the forum, for more information.

For more on Paradox Interactive, you can read about the new game Starminer, coming in 2024 from their publishing arm Paradox Arc.