Who is Lucia in GTA 6? Everything You Need to Know

who is lucia in gta 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 has finally been revealed by Rockstar Games and the star of the trailer was Lucia, our all-new protagonist of the game that’s scheduled to launch in 2025. In the short but punchy trailer, we get a look at Lucia and her escapades, learning a little about the character and what she’s doing in this massive, open-world game. So, who is Lucia in GTA 6, and why is she so important?

Let’s find out.

Who Is The Main Character in GTA 6?

Following the release of the trailer for GTA 6, many people started to believe that Rockstar Games had pulled back from the ‘dual protagonist’ operating model that was rumoured for so long for the game. In the trailer, we barely get a look at ‘Jason’, the male character in the trailer who seems to always want to be at Lucia’s side. It certainly was a showcase for this new female protagonist, the first of her kind since 1997’s GTA, and the second Latin-American protagonist in the series’ history.

Who is Lucia in GTA 6, though?

We don’t know much, that’s for sure. She’s a twenty-something-year-old woman with a criminal streak about her. As the trailer opens up, we see Lucia front-and-centre in a classic prison garb, incarcerated for what she claims is ‘bad luck’. Throughout the trailer, we see Lucia run around Vice City (in the new fictional state of Leonida) causing all kinds of havoc: speeding in cars, shooting guns, and robbing stores.

That’s essentially all we know about GTA 6’s Lucia at the moment. It’s expected that more will be revealed as more trailers are released over time. There’s a long wait ahead and a huge void for Rockstar Games to fill, after all.