Sources: EA Is Pleased With Madden NFL 24, But Considering Changes

Madden NFL Changes

EA Sports Madden NFL 24 has been out for a month, and it’s received mixed responses both critically and by players.

The game’s additions like Superstar Mode and mini-games have been well received, for the most part, but continued issues from past installments have plagued Madden NFL 24. That’s led to meetings at EA about what exactly to do for the future of the franchise.

According to multiple sources close to the matter, EA is pleased with the direction the franchise is going in. They point to Superstar Mode as a mode to put a major focus on moving forward.

What players got this year with superstar is just the beginning of what’s planned,” a source says. “EA has years of plans outlined and in active development to grow the mode.

That said, EA is still considering making changes within the Madden NFL team. From bugs with the draft classes in franchise mode that still haven’t been fully fixed to freezes both in-game and in the menu screens, it seems that simple quality-of-life issues remain prevalent in the game.

“The team sees the effort that was put in for this year, but there are still a number of small mistakes that should’ve been addressed that seemingly weren’t,” one source said. “It’s oversights like that that make some think it might be time for a change or two.”

To what extent those changes around Madden NFL could be wasn’t known. One source, however, did say that “everything is on the table right now”.

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Internally, EA viewed this year’s game as a “make or break” release after years of clear frustration and negative feedback from its community. Sources at the time told Insider Gaming that sales alone weren’t going to make the game a success for some within the company.

Madden NFL 24 was the best-selling game for August despite being released later in the month. It was also the sixth-best-selling game for 2023 as of August 26.

Insider Gaming has reached out to EA Sports multiple times for public comment on the response to the game. As of publishing, however, a response has yet to be received.

  1. Mike, M24 has been a horrific experience this year for my CFM the contract structuring is broken. I needed to free up cap space and I did. I freed up 57M and 4 days later I was -98Million this bug is terrible. This has caused guys to leave franchise and other commish are having same problems this is ridiculous! Basically making CFM utterly useless. This needs to get published as EA want address and operate as business as usual knowing that this function is broken really sad man!

  2. It’s CRIMINAL what EA does to its consumers with Madden. They are delusional. The developers and everyone responsible for making Madden are like “Biden Administration” of the gaming world.
    The game is the exact same game year after year but it has only gotten WORSE!!!! They only put real focus into MuT because it generates over a BILLION dollars in revenue each year. Those people don’t give a sh*t about the community. They are incredibly lazy and should be embarrassed to say they even work on the game. The NFL needs to open the gates and lose the exclusivity with EA for NFL branding. Madden has gone severely down hill since 2013. I have zero faith in them and truly believe they are going to epically screw up their opportunity bringing back NCAA Football next year. It’s so sad that they can’t maximize and utilize the power of next generation consoles.

  3. No issues that have irked me on CFM, yet. But the freezes, server issues, and STILL having not received all of my pre-order content is infuriating.

  4. EA is considering changes… suck more money out of it’s players. Expect microtransactions in modes other than MUT in next year’s game.

  5. Ummm you have to be kidding me lol. This game is not good, the servers are still bad, lagging during online matches and the game randomly slow down then speed up causing you to have bad plays. Everything is outdated player models, animation as well. Presentation still trash and boring.

  6. Why can’t we challenge please and why there’s no NFL ticker of NFL stats and scores under the bottom of the game or in the game if EA does that for Madden in the future would be excellent for the game that’s the only concern that I have and get rid of cheaters that’s is another thing and met in 24 can be the number one selling game in my opinion Madden lover Travis

  7. 3-4 year old bugs in franchise mode that have lingered for years. The worst bug is some of my starters just don’t play in the playoffs, despite them being healthy and me manually ensuring the depth chart. The game just forces them out, and theres nothing I can do. The entire kicking meter disappearing randomly is a fun one too. It’s not the momentum thing that makes the aimer dim. It’s the entire kicking meter! Also still way too “roll of the dice” animation driven vs skill driven, and the rubber banding AI difficulty is off the wall. Blocking and pocket formation is still abysmal. They should have scrapped Frostbite if they were serious. New dev teams for NFL games, please. I don’t play the money grab treadmill mode. Just franchise – and it’s a disaster.

  8. Pleased…PLEASED… my franchise has been sitting idle because I can’t download a working draft class…

  9. It’s frustrating not having cross play for franchise mode to play with friends from a different platform.

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