Don’t Expect A New Valve Steam Deck Any Time Soon

New Steam Deck OLED

Since its launch in early 2022, the Valve Steam Deck has been nothing short of a success for both the company and mobile PC gaming as a whole. It has led to a race among companies to get their own version of a handheld PC out to consumers to capture a seemingly untapped market.

However, despite the success of the original and the competition from others, Valve is standing firm on the idea that a new Steam Deck isn’t coming right away.

“Right now we’re kind of looking at this performance target that we have as a stable target for a couple years,” Valve’s Pierre-Lou Griffais told CNBC at the Tokyo Game Show.

“We think that it’s a pretty sweet spot in terms of being able to play all the experiences from this new generation and so far, the new releases are coming out with great experiences on Steam Deck. Obviously, we’re working with developers on future releases and we’re monitoring the feedback there but so far, I think it has been pretty good on the horsepower front.”

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