Lenovo Legion Go Price, Specs, and Launch Date Leaked

In the race to dominate the handheld gaming market, it seems that every tech-focused developer and manufacturer is creating their own device. Recently, we’ve been learning about the Lenovo Legion Go, another competitor entering the arena in the coming weeks. Now, thanks to a report published by WindowsReport, the price, release window, and full specification of the Lenovo Legion Go have apparently been uncovered.

The Lenovo Legion Go Is Impressive on Paper

In the WindowsReport breakdown, it was revealed that a critical source close to the team had revealed a lengthy document backed up by a video that confirmed everything you could possibly want to know about the Lenovo Legion Go.

It appears that the Windows 11-powered handheld gaming PC will be ‘unveiled’ on September 1st, ready for a commercial launch in October. When it does finally launch, it’ll cost €799 / $799, a princely sum for any gaming device.

On the specification sheet, a staggering 8.8″ screen is documented. To put that into perspective, the Steam Deck has a 7″ screen, as does the Asus ROG Ally and the Switch OLED. There are claims it’s the most powerful handheld device yet, sporting an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, 16 GB of 7500Mhz RAM, up to a 1 TB NVMe M.2 storage drive, and a large capacity battery capable of ‘Super Rapid Charge’ functionality.

If it delivers on the specification and runs smoothly, it’ll be the strongest handheld option on the market, decimating all comers.

It also has the capability to pair up with the Lenovo Legion Glasses – a set of AR specs with Micro OLED screens and built-in speakers ($499), and the Lenovo Legion E510 RGB gaming earbuds, which will run you up a bill of around $49.99.

It certainly looks like the Lenovo Legion Go will be a powerhouse of a handheld device – are you investing?

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  1. Define “strongest.” The Z1 Extreme / 7840u is being packed into everything these days.

    What would make this a real contender for me is a nice touch-typable keyboard attachment that doesn’t look stupid (see: 1Netbook OneXPlayer 2)

  2. I can’t find the “Lenovo Legion Glasses” AR glasses that are claimed to be $500 in the article. Are those a real thing? I feel like I have seen them but not sure.

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