Lenovo Legion Go Is a Nintendo Switch x Steam Deck Love Child

lenovo legion go

It was a few weeks ago that news surfaced regarding the Lenovo Legion Go – the all-new handheld PC gaming system from the tech titan that’s built to rival the likes of the Asus ROG Ally or the Steam Deck.

Recently, images surfaced in a breakdown published by Windows Report that revealed the first look at the Lenovo Legion Go – and it’s literally a hybrid device that walks the wire between the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch.

Check it out below.

It’s So Familiar

It looks like the Lenovo Legion Go takes what makes the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck so popular and improves upon it – at first glance, at least. There are two removable control pads that can be compared to Joy-Cons, and the kickstand-backed, 8-inch, almost-no-bevel display is even further reminiscent of Nintendo’s flagship console.

There are elements of the Steam Deck wrapped up in there too – such as in the trackpad that’s incorporated into the right-hand control panel, which players sorely missed from the Asus ROG Ally, for instance.

lenovo legion go body
Image Credit: Windows Report

According to the article published by Windows Report, the Lenovo Legion Go is a powerful unit driven by Windows 11 – which makes it very versatile – and it boasts micro-SD capabilities, USB-C ports, removable parts, back triggers, a wheel, and it’s also thought that the display will be touchscreen.

Oh, and like the ROG Ally, there are RGB rings around the bases of the thumbsticks. It actually looks fantastic.

What do you think? Are you impressed by the Lenovo Legion Go?

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