Doom: The Dark Ages Trailer Officially Revealed, Launches 2025

Xbox has officially revealed a trailer for its next title in the Doom franchise named ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’, which was first reported by Insider Gaming.

You can watch the official trailer below:

The official description reads, “Announcing DOOM: The Dark Ages, the prequel to the critically acclaimed DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal and the third installment of the modern DOOM series. Developed by id Software on the latest idTech engine, DOOM: The Dark Ages is a single-player action FPS that tells the epic cinematic origin story of the DOOM Slayer’s rage.”

“You are the DOOM Slayer, the legendary demon-killing warrior and the super weapon in this never-before-seen dark and sinister medieval war against Hell.”

Doom: The Dark Ages has been heavily rumored to be a multi-platform release and is expected to launch on the PlayStation 5. That has since been confirmed as DOOM The Dark Ages launches on Xbox GamePass, Xbox Series X|S, PC, or PlayStation 5.

The original Doom sold an impressive 4.65 million copies since its debut in 1993 through 1999. In total, the Doom series has sold over 20 million units combined.

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  1. Looks amazing id had to save them looks better than I thought just amazing. id is the only good Bethesda studio Tango was good too but Xbox killed them.

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