First Black Ops 6 Images Surface Online

black ops 6 top

Ahead of the full reveal of Black Ops 6 today, images have started surfacing online on digital storefronts such as Battlenet and Steam, revealing the core feel and aesthetic of the upcoming Call of Duty title.

Movement is Life

In one key image that’s circulating online, we get a key glimpse at the immense movement mechanics that have been teased (and leaked) for Black Ops 6. In this one shot, we see one player diving dramatically through the air over a pool while another player slides towards them, wielding an assault rifle with a single arm. It’s worth stressing that the player doing the diving is firing their weapon at the same time, giving credence to the claim that Black Ops 6 will feature ‘Max Payne-like’ movement.

In another image, we get a closer look at the game’s campaign:

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