Black Ops 6 Campaign Trailer Reveals High-Octane Story

black ops 6 campaign

Activision Blizzard has taken to the stage during the Call of Duty showcase to reveal Black Ops 6, and the campaign trailer is a whopper that’s sending COD fans worldwide into a frenzy. For months, leaks have been making their way out suggesting that Black Ops 6 will be the most finely-crafted Call of Duty title in years, with Treyarch and Raven Software pouring effort into ticking all the boxes that the community typically puts forward.

In the all-new trailer that showcases this year’s Call of Duty game, we get a glimpse of the spy-thriller-themed campaign that features an electrifying story and a roster of recognisable characters.

Black Ops 6 is Coming October 25

Not only did the Black Ops 6 campaign trailer show exactly where (and when) we’re headed in this year’s Call of Duty title, but it also revealed the most important detail for fans: the release date.

Black Ops 6 will be released on October 25th, and it’s dropping day one on Game Pass.

In the trailer released during the Call of Duty showcase, it was shown that players will explore a new portion of the Black Ops universe set in the 1990s, after the end of the Cold War. It’s based in and around the Gulf War, and it features deep and gritty storylines focused on the conspiracies of the age – which is the true nature of Black Ops.

Here’s the new trailer for your perusal:

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  1. Not really if they want to make a ton of money cater to that Trumper audience it would sell like crazy no matter the online restriction. Do some Sound Of Freedom story about invading Epstein Island and arresting elites for trial a whole conspiracy thing would make bank.

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