Squirrel With a Gun Releasing August 29

squirrel with a gun

In an all-new trailer showcasing one of the most bizarre games ever concocted, we’ve learned something exciting. It is with great pleasure that we can confirm the release date for Squirrel With a Gun, which is launching on the Epic Games Store and Steam on August 29.

This inane, satirical title was revealed ages ago before going silent – but now the release date is locked in and a fresh trailer has further portrayed the depth of what we can expect as a gun-toting rodent.

Better Than It Sounds

Squirrel With a Gun looks like brilliant, mindless fun in the new trailer that was released recently to announce the game’s launch date:

It’s arguably the most bizarre game you’ll ever play, but this ‘sandbox shooter and puzzle platformer’ will be solid for a few hours of entertainment. From August 29, the game will be available to purchase on the Epic Games Store and Steam, and later in the year, it’ll launch on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

With a range of deadly weapons at your disposal and the opportunity to control a gunslinging squirrel sitting within reach, is there really any other game that should be taking priority on your wishlist right now?

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