Microsoft is Planning a Digital-Only Xbox Series X, It’s Claimed

According to Shpeshal Nick of the XboxEra Podcast, Microsoft is currently planning to release a digital-only version of the Xbox Series X.

The rumored console could suggest that Microsoft is planning a mid-generation refresh of the console, somewhat similar to how Sony is planning a detachable disc drive version on the PlayStation 5. Nick didn’t delve into any additional information, apart from some brief speculation that the revision could make the console smaller (and lighter).

If true, the revision wouldn’t at all be surprising in our opinion. As disc content continues to decline, it makes sense for both Xbox and Sony to get rid of disc drives as a means to reduce production and shipping costs. In fact, we’ve heard rumblings (not yet corroborated to our standards) that the next generation of consoles, which is anticipated to release in 2028 are currently planned to have no disc drives altogether.

In addition to the news, Nick also revealed that Microsoft is planning more “Xbox hardware for 2025”.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer has already said that they [Microsoft] doesn’t think an Xbox Series X ‘Pro’ is needed, but whether or not that opinion has changed following the recent rumors of the PlayStation 5 Pro remains to be seen.

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  1. I think it’s a smart move on PlayStation and Xbox’s side to eliminate the disc drive as the popularity for discs is coming to an end.
    I would like to see them honouring downloads for people who own disc versions of the games to have free downloads without having to insert a disc into the console all they would have to do is a simple download to make the disc versions digital.

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