Phil Spencer Doesn’t Think A New Xbox Series X Is Needed

New Xbox Series X

A new Xbox Series X console doesn’t appear to be in the cards for Microsoft. In an interview with Bloomberg after the Xbox Games Showcase, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the company doesn’t think a new Xbox Series X console with upgraded hardware is needed.

“That’s not the feedback we’re getting right now,” Spencer told Bloomberg. “Right now, we’re pretty set on the hardware we have.”

That hardware includes the Xbox Series X as well as the Xbox Series S. The Series S, however, is getting an updated model. Microsoft announced at the end of its showcase on June 11 the arrival of a “carbon black” version of the Series S with a 1TB SSD.

Recently, in an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Spencer admitted to Microsoft being third in the console race against Nintendo and Sony. Despite that, however, he said that the goal remains to deliver games that players want to play whether it be on Xbox consoles, Game Pass, or on the cloud.

While Xbox might not feel the need for an updated Xbox Series X, the competition seems to feel otherwise. As Insider Gaming has reported in the past, Sony is working on a PlayStation 5 Pro console.

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  1. No what they NEED to do is just sack the series s off as it will hold xbox back. Playstations cheaper option still has the same hardware. Xbox now has to make everything playable on the potato that is the series s. The series X is already technically more powerful than the ps5 so a ps5 Pro may level the playing field in that regard, however the series s is what will hold xbox back and they’ve just decided to basically go with that instead of binning it off. In a few years time I will probably find myself getting a ps5 to play those awesome games they’ve been able to squeeze out of a much more powerful console that they will have really got used to, while xbox is still forcing producers to create a game that will run on series s, barely an advancement on last gen. Its a very short sighted business decision that will kill xbox in the long run. Think of the future Phil… sigh

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