Stormgate Gameplay Revealed During PC Gaming Show

Stormgate Gameplay

After a year of anticipation since being announced during last year’s Summer Game Fest, the first Stormgate gameplay was revealed during the 2023 PC Gaming Show.

A free-to-play real-time strategy (RTS), Stormgate comes from Frost Giant Studios which features former WarCraft III and StarCraft II developers.

“Developed in Unreal Engine 5, Stormgate will support high-resolution HD visuals in 4K and hundreds of units in epic, large-scale wars across a variety of maps and tilesets,” Frost Giant Studios says. “The user interface is designed to make RTS more approachable by streamlining inputs, automatically assigning units to control groups, and enhancing gameplay.  “

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To keep the barrier of entry low, the game will also feature a lower-skill floor. This will allow players to easily get into the game while still improving as much as they want or can, says the studio.

The gameplay shown is still pre-Alpha. However, it gives a good idea of what players can expect to see from the next-gen classic RTS title.

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