Dead Space 2 Remake Shelved for Battlefield, It’s Claimed – UPDATE: EA Denies Claim

Dead Space 2 Remake

Update: EA is denying the claim by Jeff Grubb that the Dead Space 2 Remake was cancelled so the team at EA Motive can work on Battlefield.

“We don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no validity to this story,” an EA spokesperson told IGN. Even IGN’s Kat Bailey said that her sources told her a Dead Space 2 Remake was “never considered”.

For what it’s worth, Grubb doubled-down on his report regarding the game:

Original: The Dead Space 2 Remake isn’t happening anytime soon, if at all.

During the latest episode of Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb spoke about the announcement of Motive being moved over to the Battlefield franchise by EA. During the segment, he talked about what that meant for the Dead Space 2 Remake from the studio.

“They (Motive) said that they’re going to be a two-project team going forward, and that is going to be Iron Man and Battlefield,” Grubb said.

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He continued: “They were working on Dead Space 2, and they are no longer working on it. It is on the shelf because the first game had lackluster sales. So, if you were looking forward to a Dead Space 2, it’s bad news. It’s straight up bad news.”

Grubb did state that he doesn’t know if the game will never be made. However, the game isn’t in the plans right now after being in the pre-production phase.

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  1. That was expected sadly. Outside of Respawn I think almost every EA studio non sports is working on Battlefield.

  2. Microsoft should buy EA and bring this game back! They need games desperately and this would be a win.

  3. Why can’t they bring back games people want like Simpsons Hit & Run, Dante’s Inferno, SSX, Def Jam, Black, Burnout, Jade Empire, NBA Street, Medal Of Honor, Mirror’s Edge, Titanfall, and Fight Night. Instead of Battlefield bring those backs. EA owns Thrill Kill and Leisure Suit Larry they should bring those back. EA should bring Yuke’s back to make UFC games.

  4. I believe Jeff I think EA is doing damage control. The only way to prove him wrong would be an announcement for Dead Space 2 remake while they’re at it I say remake Dante’s Inferno too.

  5. Instead of only making sports games and Battlefield why don’t they make other games? Everyone is begging for Def Jam to come back if the name is the problem call it something else other brands are popular just keep the gameplay of the original, modern graphics, music, story, customization, and online I mean EA already pays for likenesses in sports games and music licenses so this shouldn’t be a problem. They could use elements of the Street Fighter 6 open world too. This company is just stupid and they killed their Monster Hunter clone before it could flourish.

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