Ex-Call of Duty Dev Reveals Details on Raven’s Canceled Zombies Game

A former Call of Duty developer at Raven Software has revealed new details on the canceled standalone zombies Call of Duty game.

Details first emerged on the canned project earlier this year thanks to Michael Gummelt’s LinkedIn profile, which details that the project was a ‘live service project’ for Call of Duty zombies. Call of Duty YouTuber Glitching Queen has since requested an interview from Gummelt, to which he agreed.

Details on the game included that it was developed between 2011 and 2012 but never actually went into production. Instead, the game never passed design documents. However, the game was intended to be a live service and would have everything you would come to expect from such a title.

You can watch the full 20-minute interview in the details below, but for convenience’s sake, Twitter user @MargwaNetwork has compiled all the points discussed in a TL;DR format.

  • Developed from 2011-2012 but never passed design documents
  • It would be fully supported and updated as a live-service game
  • The game had microtransactions based on cod online with customization
  • It was NOT a straight port of old zombies
  • It was built off of cod online tech
  • Treyarch didn’t know if they wanted to continue with zombies due to behind-the-scenes shit before bo2. So, Raven was offered the opportunity.
  • 1-4 players
  • Had a “world” map
  • You start off as a gladiator in an arena to fight zombies in a mad-max esque arena
  • Customizable characters and progression
  • At one point, you stage an escape and explore an open world to fight zombies and get rewards.
  • The arena is round-based. Portions of the open world would have waves.
  • Had seasons with new content
  • Treyarch possibly wanted it back and didn’t want competition.
  • When asked if there were other zombies’ standalone titles, Gummelt also replies, “Not that I know of.”

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