Motive Studios is Joining the Battlefield Franchise

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Motive Studios has announced that the team will be joining the Battlefield franchise while also developing its Iron Man game.

In the announcement, Patrick Klaus said, “In my last update, I spoke about the studio going through an important period of evolution; we invested in developing our people in more ways than ever, and we improved our workspaces for teams to collaborate to their fullest and deliver the best game possible. That period of evolution and elevation continues today, with the exciting announcement that a group of developers from Motive are joining the talented teams at Criterion, DICE, and Ripple Effect to continue unlocking the full potential of Battlefield.”

“In parallel, development continues to move forward on our Iron Man project,” he continued.

The announcement follows a rough patch for the Battlefield franchise in the last couple of months, during which two Creative Directors (Marcus Lehto and Craig Morrison) left the franchise. Following Lehto’s departure, it was announced by EA that it would be closing its studio, Ridgeline Games, as a part of a mass layoff that saw 670 jobs affected.

After his departure, Lehto said, “I don’t have anything positive to say about EA, my recent departure, and how so many, including my team, are suffering due to the industry sweeping layoffs.”

Insider Gaming reported earlier this year that the next Battlefield game is poised to have a free-to-play Battle Royale experience connected to its main gain, akin to how the Call of Duty franchise has handled its premium releases and Warzone.

It’s understood that the current story of the next Battlefield game will see NATO countries facing off against a well-funded private military, rather than other series’ typical USA vs Russia storyline.

The next Battlefield game is scheduled to release in October/November 2025.

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    1. Battlefield is tanking but Dead Space remake sold extremely well only EA is that dumb.

  1. EA should finally stop doubling down on Battlefield and bring something else back like Def Jam, SSX, NBA Street, Jade Empire, Dante’s Inferno, Black, Mirror’s Edge, and Burnout. Still no update on Skate 4. They should remake Simpsons Hit N Run.

    1. You would think EA would be smart enough to learn from Anthem and Battlefield 2042 but apparently not since Skate 4 will be live-service.

      1. By their metrics somehow Battlefield 6 and 2042 somehow did better than Dead Space it makes no sense but that’s EA. It’s crazy people still by buggy Madden by the masses.

    2. Exactly they’ve just become the Battlefield company and annual sports game company. The sports titles aren’t even good UFC hasn’t been good since the Undisputed series, Fight Night has been gone for over a decade, the NBA Street series would be a breath of fresh air and with modern hoopers too. Def Jam should be brought back already it doesn’t have to be called Def Jam but a game like that would do so well right now with the younger generation especially with customization and online.

    3. They own Leisure Suit Larry too I would love to see the Xbox game remade or a new game in the series like a Conker meets GTA title. EA owns Thrill Kill too they should remake it a 4 player fighter would be huge on online and the AO rating would make it sell.

  2. EA should just tell Respawn bring back Medal Of Honor and have DICE bring back Mirror’s Edge.

  3. This is why Microsoft should buy EA have them make other games again since they won’t need to make Battlefield since MS owns COD.

    1. They said they would bring back their old franchises but so far if it’s not Battlefield or Sims they don’t care.

  4. When the next Battlefield Bombs what does EA so then? Gamers need to go back to boycotting all EA titles.

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