DayZ Devs Reveal Publishing Arm is Adding Two New Games

SkyVerse Floating Islands

In a new blog post today, DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive announced two more games are coming via its publishing arm, Bohemia Incubator.

Place of Departure Studio and Enjoy Studio each developed one of the new titles. Today’s blog also mentions that “both projects will be showcased in detail at Gamescom 2024.”

That event will arrive in late August this year. Fans might expect to see trailers and release windows for both titles at Gamescom.

Place of Departure Studio is working on a currently untitled project. While there are few details about this one, the studio mentioned an affinity for “silly, absurd humor, weird ideas, and surreal characters pushed to their limits.”

Bohemia Interactive’s blog pointed to an official Steam page for Enjoy Studio’s SkyVerse. The game is a first-person survival and sandbox RPG, about flying a ship across floating islands.

The Steam page also mentions full support for co-op and multiplayer. This implies that there could potentially be PvP action.

While there isn’t a SkyVerse trailer just yet, there are a few first look images that reveal the tone of the game. Its blocky, procedurally generated world will likely draw comparisons to Minecraft.

Bohemia Interactive still has a lot of goodwill from DayZ, so its publishing arm is valuable for new games. In November 2023, DayZ managed to accumulate more concurrent players on Steam than ever before. Many fans are still hoping for a DayZ sequel, too.

Bohemia Interactive previously published Silica in 2023. The game is still in Early Access and maintains “Mostly Positive” reviews on Steam.

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