DayZ 2 Is Apparently Being ‘Worked On’ By Bohemia

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It has been a busy few days for those watching the FTC v. Microsoft hearing with eagle eyes. In the vast swathe of documents pouring out from the trial, we’re seeing some that have been poorly redacted and others that have just downright and openly revealed information about upcoming or secret projects.

Recently, a document discussing Bohemia Interactive uncovered the fact that the studio is actively working on DayZ 2 – along with Arma Reforged and Arma 4. What’s important here is that, while we knew Arma 4 and Arma Reforged are on the way, DayZ 2 has yet to be confirmed as being in development by Bohemia.

Secrets Revealed

In the one-pager that discusses Bohemia Interactive’s past, present, and future, several key details were revealed. There was a background breakdown of the studio, which is universally available, but on the right-hand side of the one-pager, we saw information that would have ideally been kept under wraps.

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For instance, it was revealed that Ylands and Vigor, two of Bohemia’s most recent endeavours, were described as having ‘failed to find commercial or critical success’. There was a note that referenced Bohemia’s games as having ‘poor technical performance on console and games typically buggy’, and that the minority stake in Bohemia by Tencent is ‘a risk’.

Further down the page, we learn that Bohemia is ‘working on’ DayZ 2 – which has never been confirmed, until now. There’s absolutely no further information on the project, but some ‘Community Development Indicators’ were shared that reveal how popular DayZ – which was released back in 2018 – continues to be.

In the last six months, 18,986,964 hours were logged on DayZ across Game Pass on console, it seems.

What would you want to see in DayZ 2? Given that Arma 4 has already been announced by Bohemia, it makes sense to assume that it’ll be released before DayZ’s follow-up title.

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