DayZ Just Had More Concurrent Players Than Ever Before


It has been almost a decade since a standalone Arma 2 mod was released as its own game, rapidly changing the face of zombie survival games. Its name was DayZ, and despite being on the market for a whopping ten years, it just hit its highest peak concurrent player count ever on Steam, but it’s hard to see why.

It could be the result of the latest update (1.23), which added an enhanced sky palette, changed around a few Points of Interest, and brought a few new features into the game. That was released around a week ago, and lo and behold, days later, the game hits a peak concurrent player record.

10 Years Strong

Perhaps players are shaping up to get excited about DayZ’s tenth-anniversary celebrations and the impending Christmas event, both of which were teased by Bohemia in a recent blog post. In the last few days, Bohemia Interactive rolled out a ‘wipe’, which effectively resets the game to base status and allows players to get started with whatever they were doing all over again. That was a direct result of the new update, which impacted terrains and set pieces.

Here’s the full trailer for the update:

Now, whatever the reason may be, the fact stands that more players recently jumped into DayZ on PC at the same time than ever before. According to, a peak concurrent player count of 69,372 players was recorded in this recent boost. On PC, DayZ hasn’t been in the 60-thou area since March this year.

It’s proving to be an ever-popular title, and thanks to Bohemia’s constant support, it’s going strong even ten years after it was released. Have you ever played DayZ?

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