Concord Hit With Overly Negative Response After Reveal

Concord negative response

The debut of Concord at Sony’s PlayStation State of Play hasn’t been as well received as Sony and developer Firewalk would’ve hoped. In the hours since Concord’s first trailer and gameplay were revealed, the game has been hit with an overly negative response from gamers.

As of publishing, Concord’s cinematic reveal trailer has a 76.99% negative rating while its gameplay trailer has an 82.39% dislike rate. And the comments from fans haven’t been any better, with Concord being panned for numerous things ranging from appearing like another Overwatch clone to having “no soul”.

“The cutscene sold me on an adventure,” said one commenter. “The very next words out [of] the developer’s mouth is 5v5 FPS.”

Said another, “It’s like Guardians of the Galaxy meets Suicide Squad meets Overwatch.”

Concord is a 5v5 hero shooter set in the new Concord galaxy. The game sees players take control of one of a number of “Freegunners”, each having different abilities.

“The Freegunners roam the stars taking high-stakes jobs on worlds across Wild space, where they face other fiercely competitive Freegunner crews,” game director Ryan Ellis said. “From match-to-match, you’ll form your team of Freegunners with other players and battle it out with rival crews to take home the reward across a variety of maps and modes.”

He added: “While our core gunplay will feel familiar to shooter fans, the versatility and variety of each Freegunner and their abilities makes it so aim and thumbskill alone aren’t always enough to come out on top.”

The game launches on August 23, 2024, for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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  1. The showcase was mostly bad this game looks bad just like the other multiplayer games from Sony outside Helldivers 2 which caught fire.

  2. That tends to happen when you release a trailer filled with terrible dialogue and try to use it to hype a 5v5 hero shooter that will probably die off 6 months after launch.

  3. If it was co-op campaign shooter, I would be hype. If it wasn’t PS5 vs PC I would be satisfy. If it wasn’t an other game as a service I would considered it. If the last of us faction wasn’t cancel it would be original.

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