Little Nightmares 3 Delayed to 2025

Little Nightmares 3 Carnival

In a new post on Twitter/X, the official Little Nightmares 3 account confirmed the game is now delayed to 2025.

The message to fans is a little vague about the cause for delay. But it does explain that “quality is a top priority for us,” and that the devs want to “give the game the care and love it deserves.”

The team did not confirm if the game would be moved to early or late 2025. However, they do reassure fans that more news about Little Nightmares 3 is coming “later this summer.”

Supermassive Games announced its anticipated horror sequel Little Nightmares 3 last year at Gamescom. The devs originally planned to release it in 2024 before it was delayed today.

If it aimed to release around Halloween, that might imply the 2025 launch could be earlier than later, but that’s only speculation. The two previous games both released earlier in their launch year, in April 2017 and February 2021.

Supermassive Games also faced layoffs last February that affected up to 30% of its staff. It’s unclear if this in particular delayed Little Nightmares 3.

Supermassive previously developed Until Dawn, which released in 2015. It just appeared during Sony’s latest State of Play showcase this week. A remaster of Until Dawn is officially coming to PC and PlayStation 5 in fall 2024. It now has a new gameplay trailer showcasing its updated visuals.

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