New Concord Trailer and Release Date Revealed

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During the PlayStation State of Play showcase, the team at Firewalk Studios revealed a new trailer for Concord, a developing multiplayer-based first-person shooter that will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC on August 23rd, 2024.

Last year, Firewalk Studios announced Concord after joining the PlayStation Studios community. This announcement was made in the form of a 50-second teaser trailer that gave nothing away – but the latest trailer showcased at the State of Play event tells us all we need to know about the game. It smacks of Guardians of the Galaxy – make of that what you will.

The Game, Not The Plane

Firewalk Studios was assembled in 2018 by former Bungie and Activision employees, and in 2023, the squad fell in under the PlayStation Studios banner. It’s assumed that Concord has been Firewalk’s sole project since the inception of the company, which means it could have been in development for more than five years.

Concord is being developed in collaboration with Bungie and Haven Studios. Last year, Firewalk Studios promised that the game would be revealed in full before being released this year, and now that the latest State of Play event has arrived, they’ve stayed true to that promise.

Here’s the new trailer:

It’s quite a bizarre showing, with this sci-fi-themed trailer revealing a range of alien characters that have serious Guardians of the Galaxy vibes. In a follow-up segment that showed gameplay, we got a look at the core mechanics of Concord. As Firewalk expanded on the game, it was revealed that it’ll be a five-vs-five multiplayer game that’s deeply dynamic, with every match being unique. As the game’s lifecycle expands, so too will the story behind the ‘Concord galaxy’.

It looks like a mix between Overwatch and VALORANT on the surface, with a dynamic that expands over time, keeping players interested.

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