Call of Duty 2023 Has Been Revealed – To a Room of NBA Players

call of duty 2023

Fans hungry for information on Call of Duty 2023 will need to wait a little longer, but if you’re an NBA star, you can get the inside scoop right now. Over the weekend, players competing in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas are being given an exclusive look at Call of Duty 2023 – which could be revealed in full within the next month or so.

This isn’t the first time that this kind of reveal has happened behind closed doors, of course. On social media, a few players have shared images or videos of the suite where the reveal is taking place, but nothing is given away bar the most basic logo imaginable. There are even stations in the room that have been set up to play Call of Duty, but shots indicate that players are sitting down with Warzone or Modern Warfare II.

One Step Closer

It’s admittedly tough to be excited about Call of Duty 2023 – which we reported on as being named ‘Modern Warfare III’ earlier this year – given the recent track record of the Call of Duty series. For instance, Modern Warfare II was good enough, but it was rough around the edges and died out quickly owing to certain choices made with elements like SBMM.

Further, Warzone 2.0 was released in a buggy state and instantly turned off vast swathes of the community, and the less we say about 2021’s Call of Duty: Vanguard, the better.

But now, all eyes are on Call of Duty 2023 to bring a little revival to the franchise. There are various changes that the community would see made to the formula that has switched them off from the series over the last year, but will Activision be all ears to the cries of the community at large?

What are you hoping for from Call of Duty 2023?

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  1. The main reason I am looking forward to MW3 is for Survival. I was hoping MW2 had it but it didn’t. It may be too soon for MW3 since we are currently in the MW2 season. I believe Treyarch is up next with their COD Series and maybe we will get MW3 in 2024 or 2025.

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