Naraka: Bladepoint Is Going Free-to-Play Following PS5 Launch

naraka bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint was first released back in 2021, bringing a sharp-edged variation to the well-established battle royale genre. Recently, the game hit a major milestone, with developer 24 Entertainment confirming that 20 million unique players had passed through Naraka’s doors since the game’s release.

Now, Netease and 24E have announced that Naraka: Bladepoint will be making a grand switch, pivoting to a free-to-play model – and it’s also launching on PlayStation 5. This’ll happen on July 13th, it was said, and in the coming months, the game will be bolstered with several new additions and injections of fresh content.

Free-To-Play But You Can Still Pay

It has been confirmed that Naraka: Bladepoint will still retain some kind of a price point for those seeking to get an upper hand from the moment they get involved with the game as a new user. On storefronts everywhere, the standard, deluxe, and ultimate editions will remain in place, giving players – amongst other things – extra heroes from the get-go.

There’s plenty to love about this crossplay, hack-n-slash, high-octane battle royale title, and the fact that it’s going free-to-play will only serve to make it more accessible. In recent years, many games have pivoted to a free-to-play model and have seen their player numbers swell, even if only temporarily.

In a statement, a representative for 24 Entertainment said:

We want to make Naraka accessible for as many players around the world as possible, so we’re making it free to play. We hope that reaching this milestone will boost the game’s popularity and help us reach an even wider audience!

Later in the year (and going into 2024), Naraka: Bladepoint will also offer up exclusive items for PlayStation 5 players, a new weapon, a hero, and an all-new player-vs-player mode that accommodate 24 competitors.

Everything changes on July 13th.

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