Cassette Beasts is Getting Mobile Release, Multiplayer Coming May 20th

During a new showcase today, Raw Fury revealed that Cassette Beasts is coming to Android and iOS devices, and multiplayer will roll out on May 20th.

The showcase did not confirm an exact release date for the mobile launch, though it is “coming soon”.

The anticipated multiplayer feature was previously announced for Q1 2024. It will allow up to 8 players to explore, trade, raid, and battle together.

It will also introduce crossplay, one of the most highly requested features. Cassette Beasts is available now across Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

In addition to multiplayer and the new platforms, Raw Fury also revealed a crossover is in the works.

Cassette Beasts is planning a collaboration with Moonstone Island, a creature collector that Raw Fury also published to rave reviews last year. The crossover will release on May 20th, which coincides with the major multiplayer update.

Surprisingly, today’s showcase also mentioned that a multiplayer beta is available on Steam today. To join the multiplayer beta, players will need to backup save files, uninstall mods, then select the “Betas” tab under Cassette Beasts’ Steam properties.

It’s currently unclear if Cassette Beasts will roll out the multiplayer beta on other platforms ahead of the official release.

As an additional treat, Raw Fury also confirmed that the iconic vinyl and cassette soundtrack merch is getting a second run. Music plays a large role in Cassette Beasts, and the showcase even featured a live performance.

So, fans who might have missed the original soundtrack merch will have another chance to indulge. Following the enormous success of Palworld, which recently hit 25 million players, there is definitely renewed interest in the genre.

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