Cassette Beasts Multiplayer Update Coming Early 2024

Cassette Beasts Town Like Pokemon

Cassette Beasts will officially release the anticipated multiplayer update in Q1 2024. The new release window was revealed in a feature showcase trailer from publisher Raw Fury today:

Cassette Beasts’ multiplayer update was originally due to launch this year. It will add support for 8-player parties, battling, trading, and raids against Rogue Fusions.

Aside from the impressive party size, these features are staples of the genre that fans will surely enjoy.

After all, Cassette Beasts is an equally innovative and nostalgic celebration for those who grew up with classic monster tamers.

According to the accompanying Steam post, the big update was delayed in order to “reach parity across all platforms”.

This also implies that any technical hiccups were likely smaller in nature. So, fans probably don’t have to worry about another delay right before the update rolls out.

The developer’s efforts to deliver a proper experience across platforms emphasizes their focus on quality. That’s one of the many reasons that Cassette Beasts became such a hit.

This standout indie game also regularly adds content at a decent pace. The devs recently released the Pier of the Unknown DLC last October to solid reviews.

The DLC introduces even more story, beasts, and cosmetics in a fresh setting that subverts expectations.

The devs’ new Steam post also reveals that they “have a couple more surprises to come” as they “wrap up for the year”.

This suggests that fans of the game could receive even more announcements within the coming weeks. That makes sense, as some developers get in the holiday spirit by giving players a gift or two.

The surprises could involve a 2024 roadmap as the new year rolls in, or even a new DLC announcement.

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