Stellar Blade Demo Announced For March 29th

stellar blade top

In a new blog post today, PlayStation announced that the Stellar Blade demo will officially roll out on March 29th for PlayStation 5. It will be a free demo, and available starting at 7 AM pacific time.

The demo takes place right at the beginning of the game, including a broad tutorial. There will also be “a little surprise included for players who complete the first stage”.

Fortunately, save data from the demo can be transferred to the full game, keeping everything up to your latest checkpoint. PlayStation warns that players will specifically need to store the save data on their PlayStation 5 system.

Today’s announcement might seem like a delayed reaction. After all, PlayStation accidentally released the Stellar Blade demo early, then swiftly delisted it.

In addition to the demo, 40 minutes of gameplay leaked online earlier this month. So, fans already have a thorough look at the game and its central features.

This may explain why PlayStation’s new blog carefully teases that the upcoming demo will support both “60fps combat” and DualSense wireless controller haptics.

Perhaps as damage control, PlayStation adds that “there are various charms of the game that you can only confidently appreciate through hands-on experience”.

There’s a lot of buzz around Stellar Blade, partly due to its edgy approach. It features both ‘nudity and excessive violence’. The devs even teased a ‘Skin Suit’ that shows off a lot of the protagonist Eve. Players can use the cosmetic in exchange for a tougher difficulty.

However, the gameplay features themselves also seem promising, and a first-hand demo will renew interest ahead of release. Stellar Blade launches next month on April 26th as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and pre-orders are available now.

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