Sonic Toys Party ‘Battle Royale’ Gameplay Leaks Online

In February, it was revealed by Insider Gaming that a free-to-play mobile-based Sonic game was in development under the title ‘Project Toys’ – but the title would be Sonic Toys Party. Today, a video surfaced online containing what is claimed to be the first gameplay leak of Sonic Toys Party, showcasing exactly what we reported in February – an operating model much like ‘Fall Guys’, the quirky, kooky battle royale game.

Fall Guys But Sonic-Themed

In the leaked gameplay, we see iconic characters from the Sonic universe traversing a series of challenging circuits that boast a similar aesthetic to Fall Guys, the 2020 battle royale game that saw players lead ‘bean-like’ characters through a series of obstacle courses. In that game, the objective was to be the last player left alive as the number of competitors was whittled down more over a series of courses.

It looks like the same premise will surface in Sonic Toys Party, which is something that’s revealed quite plainly in the leaked gameplay video:

In February, we reported that Sonic Toys Party will be released in Summer 2024, which has since been corroborated by other sources. In the early details breakdown we provided, it was claimed that Sonic Toys Party will throw players into fast-paced matches featuring up to 32 players, and each round in the match will have different challenges to be completed.

Is this a mobile game that’ll be finding its way onto your device?

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