Grounded Physical Collector’s Edition Revealed by Limited Run

Grounded is one of the suite of titles made multi-platform following Microsoft’s decision to port some of its exclusive games across digital borders. Once an Xbox and PC exclusive, Grounded will now be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on April 16. It joins the likes of Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, and Hi-Fi Rush, and like some of the other ported titles, Grounded will get a physical release courtesy of Limited Run Games.

Let’s Get Physical

Limited Run Games supported (or will support) the physical releases for both Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, and now Grounded will join that line-up. On March 25, gamers the world over can pre-order the ‘Fully Yoked Edition’ of Grounded. There’s a major drawback, though – it’s not expected to ship on some platforms until August 2024.

The Fully Yoked Edition comes in two forms: standard and the Collector’s Edition. If you’re after something a little more special, you’ll want to take advantage of Limited Run’s CE of Grounded, which comes with a substantial amount of goodies. In the box is a physical copy of the game, a series of art cards with a display frame, a USB ‘cassette tape’ soundtrack, a D20 dice set, stickers, an artbook, miniatures, branded sweatbands, and more.

As collector’s editions go, that’s not a bad bundle.

It’ll be available to pre-order from March 25 and carries a price tag of $124.99, which is worth it if you’re a die-hard Grounded fan. If the standard edition is more your speed, you can pre-order that for just $39.99.

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