Bend Studio’s Next Game Could Be a Live-Service Title

Bend Studio, the developer of Days Gone and the creator of the Syphon Filter franchise, is working on a game behind closed doors that the world knows very little about. There have been tidbits of information surfaced in the form of rumours over the years, such as the claim that the in-development title is being built with Guerrilla’s Decima Engine, but there’s almost nothing concrete.

Recently, a job listing surfaced online that made numerous references to a live service game being developed at Bend Studio. There’s a vacancy at the studio for a Lead Project Manager, and Bend is asking that they’re experienced in the realms of live service titles.

So, Not Days Gone 2?

Days Gone was released in 2019 but it wasn’t to an overwhelmingly positive reception. The open-world zombie title was plagued with issues – which Bend mostly addressed in post-launch patches – but it was enough to mar the game. Regardless, fans of the title have been hurting for a follow-up title ever since – but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that won’t happen.

In September 2023, Bend Studio made a reference on social media to Syphon Filter, a legendary series that hasn’t been seen since 2007 – but it amounted to nothing.

In the recent job listing that surfaced on Bend Studio’s careers page, signs were found that point to the studio’s next game being an online, live service title. That would be a curveball for fans, as Bend hasn’t ever led a foray into that realm of gaming. Perhaps they’re building an open-world zombie survival game set in the Days Gone universe? If that’s the case, I’ll let them cook.

Just let me lead my own post-apocalyptic biker gang.

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  1. Did they not learn from Suicide Squad? Sony has been the new Xbox for awhile now, but they don’t get trash for what they do.

  2. Wait I thought it was Men In Black? Then it was Siphon Filter and now a live-service title? I thought all those were cancelled in house?

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