Call of Duty’s ‘The Haunting’ Update Kicks off September 27th

the haunting

Modern Warfare II’s final season begins on September 27th, and it has been dubbed ‘The Haunting’ in recognition of its spooky Halloween theme. It features some fantastic crossovers – including Spawn – as well as a host of new weapons, maps, modes, and a massive mid-season event named… The Haunting.

Did you see that coming?

It’s a few weeks of content followed by the release of Modern Warfare III, and it promises to be a fond swansong season for the love-hate Call of Duty title that was released almost a year ago in October 2022. Whether you found it insufferable or monumental, Modern Warfare II is preparing to be sunsetted, for better or worse.

Call of Duty Season 06 Starts Soon

On September 27th, The Haunting update will drop globally, changing the face of Warzone and Modern Warfare II for a few weeks. There are four new weapons to be collected, four new maps to be explored, a massive mid-season event, and a wide array of new Operators to purchase and play with.

Here are the licensed Operators coming as part of key crossovers during Season 06:

  • Spawn (and his human counterpart, Al Simmons)
  • Inarius and Lilith from Diablo
  • Skeletor
  • Ash Williams (in the light of Evil Dead’s failings, yikes)
  • Alucard

There will also be a spooky range of reskins available for existing Operators, many of which are based on Spawn’s universe. Spawn himself will be made available through the completion of the battle pass for Season 06.

Content, Content, Content

There are four new maps coming in Season 06 – La Casa (core), Koro Village (core), King (Gunfight), and Fight (Gunfight). They’re the last maps that will ever be released for Modern Warfare II – so appreciate them greatly while you can.

During the mid-season special, The Haunting, Warzone’s maps will be plunged into darkness as a horror-themed event takes over – Operation Nightmare. Leading up to that point, multiplayer maps and modes will undergo reskins where needed, bringing that Halloween theme well and truly across the ecosystem.

For those interested in new hardware, there are four new weapons coming this season:

  • TR-76 Geist (AR)
  • ISO 9mm (SMG)
  • Dual Kamas (Melee)
  • DOOM Chainsaw (Melee)

There’s also a huge collection of challenges to complete, Ranked Play rewards to unlock, and the Final Prestige level to secure. For the more capable players, that means camos, blueprints, and skins that’ll all carry over to Modern Warfare III when the game is released on November 10th.

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  1. Spawn interest just isn’t there. Todd McFarlane screwed his own property up he won’t make an animated series the thing people actually want because he wants to make a movie the hold up was he wanted to direct now he’s since walked back from that which makes all this look like a waste of time because he’s also holding back talks of a game because he wants the movie out first which probably will not get made or be bad. If the movie is bad or underperforms then he’ll hold very thing back again. The comics aren’t even good he doesn’t have the brain to hire a decent writer to properly reboot Spawn or create a new starting point like a Donny Cates or Scott Snyder. When companies wanted to make comic book shows and movies he held back because he wanted to direct a movie he let all those deals pass by then gave up the reason why he passed on all those deals he’s a massive idiot. Let’s not forget he and his Image Comics buddies are anti union.

  2. This doesn’t help either side Spawn isn’t that popular and COD really won’t help Spawn. McFarlane instead of that movie that will never get made should focus on getting a revival of the HBO cartoon made or a new cartoon made and talk to devs about a open world Spawn game. First he needs to get the story in line because the comics are a mess continuity and storytelling wise, an open world Spawn would be cool like the Arkham games but darker and supernatural he should talk to Rockstar, CD Projekt, and others about doing that. I think we could see The Darkness come back first and unlike the 2K games I would love The Darkness to be third person open world the way it should be. Thinking about it more people might know The Darkness than Spawn I think COD could have helped interest in a new Darkness instead had they done that deal with Top Cow.

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