Evil Dead’s Content Cycle Is Ended, Nintendo Switch Version Canned

evil dead the game

In a shock statement that was published on Twitter today, Saber has revealed that there will be no more content released for Evil Dead: The Game, and that the Nintendo Switch version of the game that was in development has been canned. It’s just one step away from a total shutdown of the game, with Saber stressing that the servers will remain open for the ‘foreseeable future’, and that’s it.

With an ever-dwindling player base and far too much top-shelf competition in the genre, Evil Dead: The Game failed to gain considerable traction from the moment it was released back in May 2022. It couldn’t cut it as a live service game, and now, not even eighteen months later, it’s on its way to being shuttered.

Not So Groovy

Here’s the statement that was provided by Saber on Twitter:

For some, it comes as no surprise. If we use Steam as a representative example of the player base, we can see that in the last twenty-four hours, the player count peaked at just thirty users. It has an all-time peak on the platform of 586 users, but that number is hampered somewhat by the fact that it launched on PC as an Epic exclusive for quite some time, further harming the game’s release.

Regardless of what the performance looks like now, Saber has officially ceased operations, keeping the lights on for the time being but guaranteeing that no new content will ever arrive for Evil Dead: The Game.

It’s a sad ending for any Nintendo fans who were waiting for a Switch version, too – that’ll never see the light of day.

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