Respawn Keeps Teasing Titanfall 2 Players, Adds Strange Mode

titanfall 2

Respawn Entertain has been toying with the emotions of Titanfall fans recently following an out-of-nowhere update that revived Titanfall 2’s multiplayer platform years after it faded into darkness. Not only that, but the team made several changes and introduced a series of easter eggs, bringing many to believe that a reveal for Titanfall 3 might be on the horizon.

Most recently, Respawn added a strange and mysterious new game mode to Titanfall 2 – it’s so bizarre that it doesn’t even have a name, it’s just titled ‘???’. There’s a description that accompanies the mode, but it just says ‘Your rockets will blot out the sun.’

‘Then We Will Fight in the Shade’

Aside from that mode description being a reference to the movie ‘300’, there’s nothing else we can really take away from it. It’s the latest in a long line of changes that have been introduced to the Titanfall 2 ecosystem in recent weeks that is leaving fans equal parts excited and bewildered, including:

  • Bringing all servers back online
  • Making private matches more accessible
  • Amending the layout of some maps
  • Fixing exploits
  • Adding easter eggs and new weapons

There are firm beliefs that Respawn is planning to reveal Titanfall 3 in the coming weeks – why else would all these changes suddenly be taking place? It’s not like we’re going to see an Apex Legends 2, so what else could it be?

Would you happily jump in and prepare for Titanfall in a third game in the series?

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