Starfield Has Hit 10 Million Players in Two Weeks


There’s your milestone – Starfield has racked up a count of ten million players just two weeks after launch, Bethesda has reported. It’s a monumental figure that’s a testament to the pulling power of Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest launch in history, and from the looks of things, there’s still a huge amount of life in the tank.

Starfield has been a dominant force in social circles for months, with many players actively trying to decide whether or not they like it. It does things remarkably well in some areas but in others is let down massively – like with the lifeless, unintelligent NPCs, for example. Regardless, there’s no doubt that it’s an extremely impressive game, and ten million players is a stupendous milestone for any title.

Out There, Among The Stars

I’m chugging along with Starfield and doing what I do best with RPGs – I’m taking my time. I’m exploring all the side content, faction paths, and skill channels, and I’m surveying everything to my heart’s content. I know that (apparently) New Game+ is where it all kicks off and the game ‘truly begins’, but I’ll get there in my own time.

With that being said, I know people who have hit NG+ several times already.

This latest news regarding Bethesda’s brilliant milestone was published on Twitter, along with yet another thank you from the developers of this space-faring epic, who have been nothing gracious in the wake of Starfield’s overwhelming success:

In recent days, Microsoft and its associated subsidiaries and studios have been hit with a wave of traumatic press following catastrophic leaks that outlined the future of the entire ecosystem leading up to 2030, so this makes for something much lighter as all those involved reel from what has been revealed.

Have you played Starfield yet?

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