Titanfall 2 Updates Leave Curious Clues Across The Game

It has been seven years since Titanfall 2 was released and it is currently the latest entry in the series. Although its popularity was a slow burn, it has become a very beloved game that still has a cult following today, with it recently seeing a 90% increase in sales.

Moving on from the core Titanfall series, Respawn Entertainment became known for Apex Legends, a battle royale game that takes place in the same universe as Titanfall. Although most of Respawn’s resources are focused on Apex Legends, the studio has been quietly updating Titanfall 2 – which could hint that something new is in the works.

Prepare For Titanfall?

Recently, the servers for Titanfall 2 have been experiencing issues where players would be disconnected unexpectedly – which is understandably very frustrating. But over the past few days, these issues have been fixed by Respawn, along with various glitches and issues that were present in the game.

One of the most interesting things to surface following these fixes is the all-new presence of the plushie mascot, Nessie, from Apex Legends, which has been seen strewn around Titanfall 2. This seems like a strange thing to do but it could have a deeper meaning.

Along with adding nods to Apex Legends in Titanfall 2, the patch notes for the most recent Apex Legends season ended with a teaser that read:

“Incoming Transmission… Subject: Nessie… 1394521200, 1477638000, 1549267200.”

This mentioned Nessie by name and now the plushie mascot has appeared in Titanfall 2. But the most interesting thing is the number sequence, which are UNIX timestamps for the release dates for Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends. Could this be hinting that Respawn is working on a new project?

Is Titanfall 3 in development after being previously cancelled?

Only time will tell whether these recent teasers mean something or are simply nods to the series, as both Apex Legends and Titanfall are tied together in the same universe, with many Titanfall locations appearing in the battle royale. But, with Apex Legends being as popular as ever and Titanfall 2 being an older game at this point, it does seem like we could see a new game in the future.

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