Modern Warfare 3’s First Zombies Trailer Is Here

mwiii zombies

From far and wide, COD Zombies fans are rejoicing as the first trailer for Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode is released – and it looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a cinematic trailer, so it’s not showing actual gameplay, but it offers fantastic insights into the background and world-building of this iteration of COD Zombies.

It’s such an epic trailer that it could be something out of a full-fledged animated movie, showcasing key connections with much of the Call of Duty ecosystem that we’ve been exposed to so far. There are elements of Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and everything in between in this breakdown that details ‘Operation Deadbolt’.

Modern Warfare 3’s COD Zombies Looks Amazing

It’s an exciting exposé, with Activision releasing a massive four-minute-long cinematic trailer to set the scene for COD Zombies in Modern Warfare 3, which will launch on November 10th.

In the trailer, we learn that Victor Zakhaev is to blame for the initial outbreak, caused by some kind of biological weapon (hint: Aetherium) contained in vials that turns living, breathing humans into the undead – and from what we can see and hear, they’re the iconic Call of Duty Zombies characters that we have known and loved for well over a decade.

There are so many familiar faces – both dead and living – in the all-new Zombies trailer. We see in one sequence how the likes of Soap, Torch, Kate Laswell, Weaver, and even Sergei Ravenov integrate into this new experience, which is based around a mission named ‘Operation Deadbolt’.

This is reportedly the largest and most ambitious Zombies experience ever developed, and it’ll be made available when the game drops on November 10th.

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