MW3 Will Feature ‘Largest COD Zombies Map Ever’

cod zombies

Modern Warfare 3 has officially been revealed by Activision and it admittedly looks fantastic – and dramatic as all hell. In a short reveal trailer that was posted today, the game’s campaign is showcased, and it looks like it’s going to be a stealth-fuelled epic bursting at the seams with heartbreak, devastation, and raw combat.

However, there’s another key piece of news to emerge from within the project in recent hours, and that’s that Modern Warfare 3 will boast the ‘largest Call of Duty Zombies map ever’. It’s an open-world epic fight for survival that’ll see players team up with other squads to conquer a Treyarch-driven Zombies adventure in a PvE world.

Can It Get Bigger?

Reportedly, it isn’t just the map that’s the biggest in history (where Zombies is concerned) but the enemies too. On the marketing page for Modern Warfare 3, it’s stated that the game’s Zombies mode will feature the ‘biggest enemies in Call of Duty history’, and it’ll undoubtedly require a lot of teamwork to overcome those gargantuan challenges.

So far, only one image has been released showcasing the new Modern Warfare 3 Zombies experience, and it looks as though it’s set in Al Mazrah – or somewhere similar. From the outfits and the scenery, it looks like it’s set in the heart of that map, but I could be mistaken. That could also be a nod to the suggestion that a new Warzone-slash-DMZ map won’t be made available just when Modern Warfare 3 is released, but that’s just conjecture at this point.

Are you excited about a massive Zombies adventure?

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