Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer Shows Dramatic Campaign

modern warfare 3 reveal trailer

So, the Modern Warfare 3 reveal event is live now in Call of Duty: Warzone, and I’ve just completed it – all ten minutes of it, that is. It was fun enough, but the cherry on the cake came as a short but sweet campaign trailer that showcased Modern Warfare 3 in all its dramatic glory.

Following a betrayal that leads to the Konni Group – Makarov’s organisation – securing a shipment of deadly gas, the ten-minute reveal event – Shadow Siege – gives way to a tantalising but far too brief trailer. It’s backed by an epic cover of Don’t Fear The Reaper, and in it, we see Price potentially biting the bullet, covert ops taking place all around the world, and more night-vision goggles than we could count.

It looks dark, it looks stealthy, and it looks dramatic – check it out below.

Modern Warfare 3’s Reveal Trailer is Impressive

Here’s the short Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer that drops at the end of the Shadow Siege event:

While the event itself isn’t much to write home about, it is entertaining enough to serve as an introduction to the events that are likely to take place in Modern Warfare 3’s campaign when it releases on November 10th.

There were flashes of Verdansk, London, and various other sites around the world, references to nukes being launched, gas being deployed, planes being taken over, and the indomitable Captain Price potentially succumbing to wounds too great to overcome.

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