Say Goodbye To The Xbox 360 Store In 2024

Xbox 360 Store

It’s time to pour one out and say goodbye to the Xbox 360 store. Microsoft has announced that the storefront will close the store on July 29, 2024.

According to Microsoft, the closing of the store means that players won’t be able to buy new games, DLC, or other content on either the Xbox 360 console or via the Xbox 360 Marketplace online. In addition to that, the Microsoft Movies & TV app will no longer work on the console when the store shuts down.

Despite the store shutting down after what will be nearly 19 years, Microsoft says that players won’t have to worry about the content they already own.

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“This change will not affect your ability to play Xbox 360 games or DLC you have already purchased,” the company says. “Xbox 360 game content previously purchased will still be available to play, not only the Xbox 360 console but also Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S devices via backward compatibility.”

Even if you’ve deleted content you’ve purchased from the store ahead of its closure, you’ll still be able to re-download and play your games. Games with multiplayer will also still be able to be played “as long as the publisher still supports the online servers”.

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