Can You Play Starfield As A Pacifist?

Can You Play Starfield As A Pacifist

If there’s one thing some people love doing in games that feature hardcore violence and combat, it’s… The complete opposite of that. There’s something rewarding about a non-lethal playthrough, so much so that some games have fully accomodated the concept in the past. Can you play Starfield as a pacifist, though?

Can You Be Non-Lethal in Starfield?

For those looking to avoid a fight and play the diplomat in Starfield, it has been confirmed by Bethesda that you – unfortunately – cannot do that.

There is no way to play Starfield as a pacifist, as at some point, you will absolutely have to fight and kill something.

It was stated quite clearly in an August Q&A with Bethesda Game Studios that it was once a concept that was considered but it eventually turned out that it ‘wasn’t totally feasible.’ It ewas stressed that there are non-lethal options in the game, but given the base nature of the title, you can’t go through the entire campaign and not kill at least one thing.

It’s sad news for those that don’t want to harm digital, on-screen creations, but that’s just the way it is.

Starfield releases on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6th