Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Free Trial Announced

modern warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will offer a free trial from December 14th to December 18th, according to a new blog post. The trial will begin at 10 AM PT on December 14th, and an additional download is necessary.

During this Free Access period, players can try out iconic maps, different multiplayer modes, and even the cooperative Modern Warfare Zombies.

Content includes 6v6 Core Maps, three Ground War Maps, Core Modes, and a variety of playlists like 6v6 Moshpit.

Call of Duty has already made the most of the holiday season with new console bundles over Black Friday.

However, for those who still didn’t indulge, a free trial may finally be enough to invite new players. It’s likely to end up on a lot of holiday wishlists.

Call of Duty has had some memorable campaigns, so it’s a shame that players won’t get a taste of the story. It would have been nice to gain access to the beginning and get an idea of the full Modern Warfare 3 experience.

But the free access period still offers a decent amount of multiplayer content. Modern Warfare Zombies in particular is a welcome surprise.

It’s a nice aside from all of the competitive gameplay. After all, Call of Duty often thrives on intense online matches with meticulous team-based tactics.

The Zombies mode shows how well-rounded this series can be. It’s likely to win over players who prefer the horror genre.

Infinity Ward recently confirmed that Call of Duty’s DMZ mode is dead, disappointing some fans of the extraction shooter genre.

But the devs continue to regularly update Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. So, it’s still a good time to jump in.

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