The Division 2 Project Resolve Revealed With DLC Coming In 2025

The Division 2 Project Resolve

Ubisoft has announced a major overhaul for The Division 2 called Project Resolve that is coming for all players in February 2024.

The announcement came via a video — you can watch below — on the official Ubisoft channel and a post on the game’s website.

“Announcing Project Resolve, a comprehensive update plan for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, tackling game health, stability and quality of life improvements,” the announcement reads. “Including thousands of bug fixes and long-requested adjustments to PVP combat and PVE balancing. Pre-load the Public Test Session on December 14 and play on December 15.”

The updates will feature dozens of changes to the games PvE and PvP. You can see some of the key changes below with the rest on the game’s website.

PvP Changes

  • Conflict: Our objective is to strengthen the identity of Conflict as the purest PvP experience available in The Division 2 by making it more balanced for all players, regardless of the time they have invested in the game. Thus, all Agents joining Conflict will have their Expertise and SHD Watch bonuses removed.
  • Status Effects: All the changes to Status Effects included in Project Resolve are focused on reducing their impact and introducing counterplays. The intention is to make Status Effects in PvP more manageable and provide Agents with additional options to counteract them. Even though these changes primarily target the PvP experience, we will also monitor their impact on PvE.
  • Talents: We aim to make certain Talents more viable for PVP and address some balancing issues.
  • Dark Zone: Project Resolve introduces a more distinct contrast between invaded and uninvaded Dark Zones, allowing players to customize the intensity of their gameplay experience. Our goal is to increase accessibility to the Dark Zone for a wider audience, while also providing a dedicated space for those seeking a more intense experience. 

PvE Changes

  • Game Modes: We are planning to introduce a Talent rotation feature in Descent and shorten run lengths to expedite encounters with the Nemesis.
  • Expertise: Project Resolve makes Expertise upgrades more easily attainable to ensure that the costs of upgrading are in proportion to the benefits gained. Our intention is to prioritize the player’s time by implementing this change.
  • Global Events: These improvements aim to make Global Events more fun and engaging. Our goal is to leverage the success of the Golden Bullet Global Event as a benchmark and apply it to make other Global Events equally enjoyable.

Because of the new overhaul for The Division 2, the planned DLC for the game has been pushed back to 2025. In addition to continued work on The Division 3, Ubisoft is in the pre-production stage of The Division 3.

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