Blumhouse Games Reveals Plans For Future Titles, Adaptations

In a new interview with, Blumhouse Games president Zach Wood revealed key plans for its slate of future titles.

Wood said that “we have three in 2025, three in 2026, a couple in 2027 and we’re going to maintain that pace.” However, they also reassured fans that despite releasing a few games a year, the devs are “making sure we have time to dedicate to each of them.”

Wood also addressed the studio’s attitude towards adapting existing Blumhouse IP, given Blumhouse’s success with horror films. They stated that “we will eventually do it, for sure.”

Wood added that “we wanted to start with a sold line-up of originals.” So, fans may not expect any games based on popular Blumhouse films such as Insidious anytime soon. They could potentially arrive sometime after 2027.

Zach Wood also offered a statement on potentially adapting original Blumhouse Games material into film and TV. They pointed out that “if something resonates with our audience, we have opportunities to make a film or a series.”

Wood also stated that “we don’t look at games through that lens.” This suggests there aren’t any plans at Blumhouse Games to develop titles with adaptations in mind.

Last month, Blumhouse Games announced six games during Summer Game Fest 2024. That includes a re-release of Fear the Spotlight, which originally released in 2023.

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  1. Blumhouse is making a Spawn movie I would love a third person action Spawn video game. James Wan is one of the top people there now I trust him more than Jason Blum.

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