The First Descendent Accused Of Copying From Destiny 2

The First Descendent Destiny

There’s yet another controversy surrounding a recently released game as The First Descendent is accused of copying certain icons and even a weapon design from Destiny 2.

The kicker is that it’s not a clear 1-1 copy of any thing, but more of a case of making a slight change to try and make it look different.

The icons, which you can see courtesy of Forbes’ Paul Tassi all look a bit too similar to be merely a coincidence. On top of that, there’s also a weapon that seems to be, at the very least, inspired by Destiny 2. It’s unclear if there are any more examples of this as only a small amount of assets have been compared.

Insider Gaming has reached out to both Bungie and Nexon for comment on these claims. Should a response be received, this story will be updated accordingly.

What do you think is going on? Do you think The First Descendent copied Destiny 2 with assets? For more Insider Gaming, read about a data miner finding XDefiant Season 2 content and subscribe to our YouTube channel for exclusive shows, news, interviews, reviews, and more.

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