Zenless Zone Zero Crosses 50 Million Downloads 

Zenless Zone Zero, Mihoyo’s latest free-to-play action RPG, has taken the world by storm. Released on July 4, 2024, it has crossed 50 million downloads globally across PlayStation 5, Android, iOS and PC. As a gesture of thanks, the developers are offering all players a bonus reward. Learn more about the new Zenless Zone Zero milestone rewards and whether you are eligible for them below. 

Major Milestones

As a reward for helping Zenless Zone Zero reach 50 million downloads, players will be rewarded with x1600 of Polychrome. The reward will be accessible via the in-game mail as ‘City Entry Thank-You Gift). Players should have made it to ‘Inter-Knot Lv.1’ to be eligible for this reward before version 1.1 was released.

Polychrome is a valuable resource in Zenless Zone Zero, a currency that can be obtained by converting Monochrome Film. Players can use it to replenish their Battery Charge, purchase items like Master Tape or Encrypted Master Tap and buy New Eridu City Fund levels. 

Additionally, the developers are very interested in player feedback to improve the experience for their valued Proxies. To provide feedback through the game, players need to open the in-game menu, click ‘More’, and then find the ‘Feedback’ option, which will take them through the service centre.

From there, players must click ‘Issue Feedback’ and then ‘Self Service’ before providing feedback. This information will be valuable for the development team when they introduce improvements, optimise, or even create new content for future updates. 

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