Is Zenless Zone Zero Open World? – Answered

Zenless Zone Zero Neighborhood
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

The whole gacha gaming style varies significantly, with Genshin Impact offering an open world for players to explore but others providing instanced gameplay. You’d be forgiven for not grasping Zenless Zone Zero and how its world works. I didn’t at first, either. So, is Zenless Zone Zero open world? Let’s find out!

Does Zenless Zone Zero Have An Open World?

After you progress through the relatively short introduction, in which the game teaches you numerous mechanics and systems, you’ll wind up choosing a central character to play as for the overarching story. Here, in the real world outside of Hollows, you can explore a hub zone. It’s a small neighborhood outside the shop, with a newsstand, noodle shop, electronics store, and plenty of NPCs to interact with or ignore.

But as to whether Zenless Zone Zero is an open world or not, no, it’s not. It’s a small hub area, a single street with a few shops and nothing more.

Are Zenless Zone Zero Battles Open World?

When you’re not busy interacting with characters, scratching lottery tickets, or ordering noodles at the local food stall, you’ll spend time battling monsters within a Hollow in ZZZ. These battles are in an instanced environment, encompassing a few small areas with a handful of enemies before you move on to the next area. Ultimately, you wind up fighting a boss or interacting with a story element, such as tracking down a lost courier.

There is no open-world environment to explore in the game.

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