How to Get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Polychrome
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You’ll encounter a number of in-game currencies while playing Zenless Zone Zero, but one of the most important is Polychrome. It’s a key currency to unlock the full potential of various items in the game, along with upgrading the battle pass. Here is how to get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero!

How to Obtain Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero

There are several in-game methods available to obtain Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero, with most requiring you to complete Commissions and specific Challenges. Alternatively, if you know of any ZZZ codes, you can redeem those in-game to earn a bit of extra Polychrome.

Zenless Zone Zero Inter-Knot Level
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For now, let’s focus on the in-game methods:

  • Commissions: The most viable way to earn Polychrome in the game is by completing Commissions, or quests, that you can obtain from the Inter-Knot.
  • Errands: Like Commissions, Errands are a type of quest in Zenless Zone Zero, albeit side quests. They’re daily tasks that will unlock as you progress through the story, and they’ll occasionally reward you with a bit of Polychrome.
  • Scratchcard: Each day, you can visit Howl’s Newsstand in the hub area of New Eridu to receive a scratchcard. There’s a chance to earn Polychrome with each card!
  • Achievements: As you complete challenges and progress through the game, you will inevitably unlock achievements. These unique in-game trophies reward you with various items, including Polychrome!
  • Level Rewards: As you complete Commissions and level up your Inter-Knot Rank, you’ll unlock additional rewards, some of which allow you to claim Polychrome for free.
  • Monochrome Film: This is the game’s paid currency, and if you purchase any through an Inter-Knot Membership, you will receive Polychrome upon opening one.

As we uncover additional ways to collect Polychrome, we’ll update this guide. Check back frequently!

Why You Need Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero

There are a number of uses for Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero, including:

  • Replenishing your Battery Charge (Stamina)
  • Purchasing Master Tape or Encrypted Master Tape at the Signal Shop or Signal Search
  • Buying New Erido City Fund (Battle Pass) levels

If you intend to delve into every one of the game’s mechanics and systems, then you’ll want to collect Polychrome. It’s especially useful for the Battle Pass system!

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