Zenless Zone Zero: Who is the Billy Kid Voice Actor? – Answered

Zenless Zone Zero Billy Kid
Image via HoYoverse

One of the most interesting characters in Zenless Zone Zero straight off the bat, thanks to the dual revolvers and black face plate, is Billy Kid. It makes sense that HoYoverse fans would take to him immediately. But who is the Billy Kid voice actor? They’re fantastic!

Who is Billy Kid’s English Voice Actor?

Believe it or not, the character has two voice actors: Chen Runqiu (Chinese) and Hayashi Yu (Japanese). There is no specific English voice actor currently credited with the role of Billy Kid in Zenless Zone Zero. As such, we suspect it’s Hayashi Yu tackling the English voicework, too, but that’s a guess at this time.

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Who is Billy Kid?

Billy Kid is one of the many playable characters in Zenless Zone Zero. He’s an A-rank agent with a focus on Physical Damage and an Attack playstyle, making him a sound choice for new players upon unlocking the man.

“The Starlight Knights never lose!” — Billy Kid

This handsome cyborg with a cool and carefree personality is an avid fan of the Starlight Knight show, not only referring to himself as one of the Starlight Knights, but repeating many classic lines from the show.

He may look unreliable, but once he gets serious, Billy can take on any challenge…

He seems carefree, but his strength can be relied on..

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