Will Zenless Zone Zero Be Multiplayer? – Answered

Zenless Zone Zero
Image via HoYoverse

They say hanging out with friends makes everything more entertaining. I wouldn’t know because we’re talking about an anime game here, and that’s grounds for ridicule in many friend groups. Well, it’s their loss! Will Zenless Zone Zero be multiplayer, though?

Can You Play Zenless Zone Zero Multiplayer?

On launch day (July 4), Zenless Zone Zero will not feature multiplayer. That said, it’s coming. Developer HoYoverse will support a multiplayer mode in Zenless Zone Zero, with some type of Arcade mode, which offers online features, such as mini-games with others.

Furthermore, if you prefer PvP in your free-to-play games, then you’ll be happy to learn ZZZ will also include a battle mode, but that’s down the road a ways.

So, the short answer is that multiplayer is coming, but be patient!

Is Zenless Zone Zero Free to Play?

Is there anything better than knowing an upcoming game you’re completely over the hills with hype over will be free to play? Knowing it has multiplayer is a giant leap forward, but not spending a dime to score potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay? That’s a clear-cut winner in our eyes.

Thankfully, Zenless Zone Zero is entirely free to play. You can download it free on PlayStation 5, PC (Epic Games Store), Android, and iOS. Of course, as a free-to-play game, expect a multitude of microtransactions to help the studio recuperate costs and make a profit.

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